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Default RE: Starboard Evo XTV 80

A Taty says, the EVO 80 can certainly do all those tricks. The feeling when jumping is slightly different that that of a classic wave board, but you very quickly get used to how to get the EVOs to jump very well.

As for wave riding, I think you will be blow away byt the EVO 80. Its both easy riding and flattering and has a huge range both regarding sail sizes and wave types.

At your weight, the 80 should be just about right, but board choice depends an lots of things and it would be good to know what board you've used before and how you found that one. At your weight the 75 _could_ be a good choice too. You will then get an easier time at 4.2 but a more difficult time at 6.0. But overall my guess it that the 80 is better. I has become a better allround and high wind board than the 2006 E83. I personally would choose the E70 as my all round board (it covers 3.5-5.5) and I weight 69. But on the other hand I regularly use the E80 with sails around 5.0 and in fairly nice waves and I have no problems with control or such things.
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