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Default Tell about your equipment and help others to choose

If you are lightweight, talented and only sail at the perfect spot, you don’t need it. Manufacturer’s info and magazines-reviews tell you all you need before you buy a new board.
For us others who are more intimate with gravity and posses less then perfect skills, this info can however be misleading.
The Boardsurveyor is (as the name suggests) a survey. Windsurfers of all sizes and levels are encouraged to submit their boards. Once you want a new board, you search the database for experience done by people with properties similar to yours.

Please visit and submit your boards. The more of us doing it, the closer we get some “true” definition of boards. Not only it will help buyers to choose, it will also help designers adapt new models to real-world users.

No registration is required
. All you need is at least a couple of weeks windsurfing-experience, access to internet and about five minutes to spare.

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