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Default strange SUP post for confused person

i am another new windsurfer (but good surfer) and have two questions: i weigh 185 and am 44 and figure the rio m (s?) looks great...i have been considering a longboard (rrd) because i sup and surf alot and have an opportunity to stash a rig at the destination beach i often paddle i could paddle over sup style, windsurf a bit if conditions allowed and paddle home...i notice a mention of an 8mm insert that sup's use in these you think i could install one myself? any thots on someone that could do the work in RI or CT?

If that were possible and I got a rio M (s?) do you think I could choose a rig that would allow me to have two different useful toys? ie a small sail that would work well on the sup (a 12' tufflite laird fyg) and work well in more wind on the rio?

i hope ur not confused - i have a sup, want to buy a windsurfer but want to sup to where the rig (and maybe rio) will live so i'd like to install a mast track (or whatever the 8mm thing is) in my sup...2nd question there is someone you can recommend in RI for teaching???? i would really appreciate his/her name...thanks all in advance!
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