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Default Isonic 101/2009 - first time usage report

I had to wait a long time to finally use my isonic 101/2009 for the first time.

Actually, it were rather (too) light wind conditions, i.e. 12-14 knots. Not really the conditions which I've purchased the board for.

I'd started off with my 125L freeride board and a NP V8 7.5.
When the wind picked up, I couldn't resist any longer and took out the is101 with the same 7.5 rig.

I was quite surprised about the early planing capabilities of the board in these light wind conditions. After all, I weigh 86-87 kg.
Turn the board slightly down wind, push 2-3 times with the feet and off it goes, really easy. Once planing, it doesn't stop. I liked it immediately.

During upwind tracks I was hindered a couple of times by spin-out. I used the standard Drake 40cm fin, which is not really the best fin around (like mentioned already serveral times on the forum). I could have used a little bit longer and stiffer fin, according to me.

Reaching and especially a bit down wind, the board becomes indeed a blaster, even in these light wind conditions. I think I start to understand now why the board needs a lot of sail power to hammer it down on the water surface. I have the impression that the board needs to be sailed very flat with a slight inclination towards leeward side (almost like with a formula). Probably this changes a bit with higher wind conditions.

The thing that I start asking myself now is, do I still need a 125L board ?
My slalom quiver consists out of:
- F161
- 125L freeride
- IS101

I was planning to replace my 125L freeride board next year by an IS121. A wood carbon one, because I think it's faster (inside joke for ChrisN )
I want to use it for 12-16 knot conditions, but it seems that I get the IS101 also planing in these conditions. Of course, I understand that an IS121 will be more comfortable in these conditions and will also carry bigger sails with more ease (i.e. up to 9.5 m2). It just makes me wonder.

Windsurfing gear, a never ending story
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