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If you want to camp, 2 places: Torbole & Malcesine.
Malcesine is better with Vento (Northern wind, very early in the morning).
Torbole is better with Ora (Southern wind, in the afternoon).

THE BEST place of the entire lake for both Vento & Ora is just below Riva on the west coast.
Hotel Pier and the hotel just below it (I forgot the name) always have several knots more of wind. And they know about it. You can only access the water via the hotels. That means you have to stay in the hotel, because they don't allow trespassing. Parking your car over there is IMPOSSIBLE.

Another good spot, more southly on the west coast is Campione for both Ora & Vento. Payed parking is possible. It's the only place where you'll also find Kite surfers.

Hope this helps.
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