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Default new sail f133

Hello Roger,
I come to ask for advice after two years!

-Now I have 2 boards:
FF157 2003 (84 cm width, 58 cm fin)
and a (new!!)
F133 2009 (77 cm width, 48 cm fin)
-My sail quiver:
9.5 freerace 3 cam; 7.5 freeride 2 cam, 6.3 and 5.4 no cam.
-I am 82kg 182 cm intermediate level but only basic jibe.
inland lake with gusty wind and holes from 9-14 to 13-21 kn.
sea with constant wind, good in the morning with 9.5 but normally a little weak for 7.5, with hard chop - little wawes, flat only in the morning.

I have a bit of gap from 9.5 and 7.5
I would give my new board the right sail.
I would simplify my quiver.

-first solution: 9.5 8.0 6.3 5.4, changing the old 7.5
-second solution: 9.5 8.6 7.5 6.3 5.4 ... more complicated.

The new 8-8.6: freerace 3 cam or very simple freeride no cam for learning jibe?
I am looking for gunsails cannonball 3 cam or rapid freeerace no cam or future freeride no cam.
I need your advice!
Tank you
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