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Not Roger, but here are a few thoughts. Roger will be better at addressing the sail brands, but for sizes, your "second solution" seems perfect to me.

You have a bit of overlap between your 157 and 133 since your 7.5, 8.6 and 9.5 could be used on both boards.

The problem I see in your "first solution" is the gap between the 6.3 and the 8.0, as well as the gap between the 8.0 and 9.5. Both large jumps in size. This plan offers one less sail, but I think you will be happier with the second solution.

You can see my boards and sails below, plus I weigh 78kg. I find the spread in sizes just right between my 6.0, 6.6, 7.6, 8.4 and 9.2.

As you build your sail and board quivers, money is usually an issue for all of us and may be the driving factor in your decisions. I am guessing that before long, you will also be considering a smaller board in the 110 liter range (a floater for you that can be uphauled with some practice). This is what you will need when your skills improve and you have a 15-20+ knot wind.

Good luck.
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