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Originally Posted by emil View Post
I was reading about the new JP super light wind 154 board and it looks a fantastic idea.
Is there a board produced by starboard similar to this Jp or at least any plan to have one for next year?

I am really looking forward to hear what SB's team will say here! Yet, don't raise your expectations; they will answer this most probably in August

As Mark highlighted, we have been discussing this board in detail in the other thread! The closest board from SB's massive board-range should be the iSonic 150, which most mean, it is an elder slalom design that planes probably(!) later than the SLW, yet might have a higher top-end speed. So in many aspects it seems that the JP SLW is pretty much on it's own in the market as it is nothing like course/formula boards which seem all pretty unforgiving and ** to gybe, while planning earlier than xxl Freeride boards (e.g. Futura 155). Comparing with SB it seems that SLW is a concept somewhere in between the iS150, Futura 155 and the GO.

However, all of this is mere speculation as we have not seen any side-by-side test of these boards. I/we have found individual tests at:
  • JP's Super Light Wind was preview tested by PlanceMag from May'10; A more comprehensive test was made by Rik - see at his site. If you want to download the vid rather than watching on the page (it take 3 times as long) here's the link...
  • iS150: the only preview test I have found so far was from a french forum reader! See also the picts.

From a construction perspective nearly everyone has been recommending a Carbon-based construction for a board of that volume and width. Just like SB's new Formula boards, a Carbon-construction as been discussed as more durable, light in the feet, and "earlier planning" (according to SB themselves, yet they never really confirmed - see another massive discussion in thread)!
ALAS, the iSonic 150 is only available in Wood/Tufskin, therefore I am also VERY interested whether SB will release a Light Wind blaster in comparable construction as the JP SLW Pro. JP's GOLD is unparalleled by current SB construction (unless someone from SB can counter that).

I am waiting for a test from the German SURF to be available in less than 14 days, then I'll decide between the 2...

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