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Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
I am really looking forward to hear what SB's team will say here! Yet, don't raise your expectations; they will answer this most probably in August

As Mark highlighted, we have been discussing this board in detail in the other thread! The closest board from SB's massive board-range should be the iSonic 150, which most mean, it is an elder slalom design that planes probably(!) later than the SLW, yet might have a higher top-end speed. So in many aspects it seems that the JP SLW is pretty much on it's own in the market as it is nothing like course/formula boards which seem all pretty unforgiving and ** to gybe, while planning earlier than xxl Freeride boards (e.g. Futura 155). Comparing with SB it seems that SLW is a concept somewhere in between the iS150, Futura 155 and the GO.

However, all of this is mere speculation as we have not seen any side-by-side test of these boards. I/we have found individual tests at:
  • JP's Super Light Wind was preview tested by PlanceMag from May'10; A more comprehensive test was made by Rik - see at his site. If you want to download the vid rather than watching on the page (it take 3 times as long) here's the link...
  • iS150: the only preview test I have found so far was from a french forum reader! See also the picts.

From a construction perspective nearly everyone has been recommending a Carbon-based construction for a board of that volume and width. Just like SB's new Formula boards, a Carbon-construction as been discussed as more durable, light in the feet, and "earlier planning" (according to SB themselves, yet they never really confirmed - see another massive discussion in thread)!
ALAS, the iSonic 150 is only available in Wood/Tufskin, therefore I am also VERY interested whether SB will release a Light Wind blaster in comparable construction as the JP SLW Pro. JP's GOLD is unparalleled by current SB construction (unless someone from SB can counter that).

I am waiting for a test from the German SURF to be available in less than 14 days, then I'll decide between the 2...

Load of dribble mate. I agree with Remi, SB have been making light wind blasters for years. If you cant get an I150/I131 to go past the JP 154 (free formula), then go get some lessons! Sick of reading your diatribe to get to the good bits of the forum. Suggest you and Agrelon just email each other instead.
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