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Hehehe out of topic, but..
Not so much wind here in northeast of Italy.
Anyway it depends, at home in Venice downtown I use to take my parent's (traditional) boat, go out on northern side of Venice up to the north side of Murano island, anchor the boat, rig in shallow water and then freeride there.
In the rest of the world (Garda Lake, S. Croce Lake, Sottomarina, trips to sardinia, Tuscany, Danmark last summer) I go as usual for everyone with my car, but as you know in Venice there are no car so I keep mine in the outskirts, Mestre, fully loaded from april to the end of october (the I switch to snowboard). Yes I got two quivers, one (the older) for my home and one for the rest of the world. This is living in Venice.
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