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Come on, give ChrisN a break. He has tried to get Starboard to comment on the advantages of using carbon in their boards, but they won't respond.

I speculate that the reason for not responding is that for the majority of the sailors out there, carbon vs wood construction in their iSonic boards makes little difference in performance for the extra cost.

PWA slalom racers can take advantage of the stiffer/lighter boards, but for the average advanced sailor, the carbon boards could actually be a disadvantage, possibly offering a rougher less controllable ride.

ChrisN is hung up between the iS 150 and the JP, simply because the JP is carbon and the 150 isn't. He is interested in early planing and feels that the JP will plane earlier, but likes the 150's slalom capabilities better. What to do, What to do? He is wishing that Starboard will make the 150 in carbon and then he will have an easy decision.

Personally, I think he should go with the wood 150 and forget the carbon issue. Once planing, I think the 150 will be the better board.

I have an 08 iS 111 and don't think that a stiffer and slightly lighter board (carbon) would be an advantage for me. For me at 78kg, keeping the board in the water with a 7.6 in 20 knots is a handful as it is. In my opinion, a carbon model would not help with control over the wood model. Dunkerbeck - yes. Me - no.

If you don't like all the dialogue from ChrisN, don't read it. I think for many of visitors to this forum, the discussion has been informative and entertaining, but that is just my opinion.
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