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Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Load of dribble mate. I agree with Remi, SB have been making light wind blasters for years. If you cant get an I150/I131 to go past the JP 154 (free formula), then go get some lessons! Sick of reading your diatribe to get to the good bits of the forum. Suggest you and Agrelon just email each other instead.
Ken, thanks for the your insightful explanation, yet I need to add to it.

It seemed such a simple question – Emil and I asked SB whether they would create another board comparable to SLW in 2011? I know about the IS and Formulas already! iS150 is NOT the same type of board as SLW…

So, Maximus, apologies for all the "dribble". As Ken mentioned, please don’t minimize the conversation, just turn the page! I will indeed love some "early planning" clinic on Formulas w. 12 m2 sails on gusty 5-9 knots somewhere hot - any recommendations?

On the "diatribe", some(/most) of us are less knowledgeable than others. After decades of waveboard fetishism, I had a load of questions on light-wind XXL Slalom/ Freeride blasters that evolved into "early planning" on NON FORMULA boards. Not ALL want to sail on a specialized, unstable slogger, short race-board as a recreational board (Why? See Riks comments)…

To my surprise I received a lot of educated responses, mind you from non-Team members! I, as well as others, learned & appreciated the answers on many points – from Formula light-wind bliss, to Carbon<>Wood construction (even if there is still a LOT of disagreement – just see Duracell’s animated response). Surely, it was probably too cerebral, yet we enthused on light wind performance parameters, and I certainly learned to read the table of widths more carefully – thus OFO might make SLW an earlier planner than the iS150!

On stealing the forum's "good bits", you are probably right, we should create a separate Forum for SB Consumers with Comparative or other ACID questions to the innovation gurus of SB! Beyond Agrelon we should then drive out Ken, MarkH, BelScorpio, Duracell, Davide, DejaVu, among the many contributors for messing up your concise, binary world.

Actually, If everything was so damn straightforward as you imply, then we would not need a Forum - we could just read the instruction manual. Probably given commercial considerations (or Carbon allergy?), SB didn’t provide any answers!

That said, I've been windsurfing since 1978, and I am still learning as this sport is still a lot of ART rather than science - can U spell FINS? So share your insights not your nihilism…

Hang Loose – I am going out on my HyperSonic 105 (what a board!)…

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