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Hi again jaytea46,
Also be aware that the position of the mast foot in the mast slot on your GO can
affect the balance as well.
Get it too far back, and the board will want to turn upwind all the time.
Get it too far forward and the board will almost refuse to go upwind.
Just a little behind the center of the slot on a 6.5 m2 (mid size) rig has been a good
balance for me on most of the GO boards I've had in the demo fleet.
Also, do not oversheet the sail.
Let it out until you can feel no power in the sail, then sheet it in lightly
until the board moves well.
As you come closer to the wind, you will need to sheet in a bit more, but
the old sailors adage "when in doubt, let it out" still applies.
Your sail makes 2 forces...... one that gives you forward drive; and one that
pushes you sideways and downwind.
The forward drive component happens as soon as the sail begins to "draw" at
very shallow sheeting angles.
Then, if you sheet in more, the sideways force ramps up very quickly.
You need maximise the forward drive by only sheeting in the amount that
gives you good forward progress on your course.
You need to avoid sheeting in too much which drives your board sideways
downwind...... the opposite of the direction you want to go.
If you "oversheet" the sail, you will stall the power in the sail and simply drift
downwind (sideways...away from the wind).
So.... when in doubt, let it out!
Hope this helps,
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