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Hi lkw,
Here is what you need:
1/ First, can you give us the model of the 4.7 Aerotech sail you have purchased?
Depending on the model (and the year of manufacture if you can find that out as well)
we can fairly easily tell you which mast (s) will be the most compatible with your sail.
2/ What fin do you have (size in cm or mm and the model if you can still see the writing/
graphics on the fin?
3/ You will need a mast extension to suit your new mast, and a mast base that fits the mast extension.
You will need to choose either the Chinook 2 push pin style (most common in the USA)
or the Euro Pin style (more common in Europe and elsewhere.
You have selected a very small sail for a GO 140.
Are you going to be sailing in lots of wind (i.e. 20 knots +)?
Give us the sail model, and something about your choice (Chinook vs Euro) and we can recommend specific components that can be purchased on the internet or from you local
windsurfing shop/retailer.
Hope this helps,
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