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Get the regulations/prices from each airline you are condsidering.
Flying with gear can be a complete crap shoot. You are at the
mercy of the ticket counter personnel.
I would suggest getting:
1/ A mast/sail bag (with wheels is good).
2/ A heavily padded "travel" board bag.
3/ A boom bag (into which you can put mast bases/extensions/fins etc.
If you put it all in one bag, you may end up leaving it all at your departure
airport, or paying lots of money.
Try to keep the overall weight < 50 lbs. That seems to be the weight beyond
which they start charging overweight baggage fees.
On one trip to Bonaire, from Newark New Jersey, USA it cost me $850 USD
for 2 boards, 5 sails, 4 masts, 2 booms and several fins.
I had the Continental Airlines "WS" code printed out, but my interpretation and Continental Airlines interpretation were very different.
They added $100 per bag as this was a "divers" special flight and they expected really
heavy baggage from the divers so they were somewhat limited on the weight of baggage
they could carry.
I also flew to Thailand with sails/masts/booms on Northwest and the cost was around $250 each way.
I've been very lucky that none of my gear has been damaged, but I have spent alot of $$ on really good heavily padded bags.
So, take your credit card for the outrageous online baggage fees, and anticipate that they
may simply refuse to take your WS gear unless you pay some outrageous fee.
World class racers can relate some incredible stories about "traveling with gear".
Hope this helps,
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