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Default Question to Ian and Remi on iSonic 145/155

Hello Ian, R'mi,
I hope you can help me to make a right choise of a board. Last year I have ordered FT148 Wood from my local SB dealer. There was a mistake and a DRAM arrived and I did not take it.
The FT148 was a perfect blend of dimensions and liters for me. Now, I have to choose either iSonic 145 or 155. These look very similar to 2006 FT138 and Ft148, but beefed with liters (are these vertual or real, t.e. displacement?). Acoording to Liters I need iS145, but according to dimensions I need iS155 - very confusing!

I am 75-78kg and will use it in 7-10knots and in 10-17knots winds, open sea, salt water. (I have been on F155 for ~4 years now). Sails are 9.4 two-cam and 7.4 (which I want to change to ~7.8 2 cams). I want to have upwind/donwind and planning ability at least as my F155W which I love. My other board is freestyle/wave 85L which I use with 6.3 and below in anything >15knots.

Can you please advise me on which board to choose? (I'd want to order as soon as possible). Also, what is the weght of the iS145 and iS155 Wood?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications and help.
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