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Question Sail set for iSonic 111

I am using an iSonic 111 with 2 sails (6.8 and 7.8). The sails are Loft SwitchBlade (2 cams and more racy feeling than other 2 cams sails from another brands).
In these months I've experimented that the 6.8 isn't very used because it's very close in wind range with my wave sails (5.4) and I prefer then for more choppy conditions.
The 7.8 is my favorite sail, offer me a lot of more days of windsurf being a perfect combination with the board, but I've tried a full Slalom sail and I've seen that the high wind range that offer 4 cams is considerably wide and still feels easy to sail for me.
In this situation, I'm planning to change my sail set and need help to get all the board's potential between 11 to 22 knots with 2 sails.
I'm 180 cm tall and 82 kg.

Thaks a lot and good wind
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