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Default Difference between Futura 133 and Isonic 121L


I'm looking for a light wind board. I surf for almost 5 years now and surf since 2 years on a Futura 101L (6,2mēHellcat and 7mēNCX). I really like this board because it is easy to sail and very fast. I've learned a lot and I'm ready to take the next step. Now I'm looking for a light wind board to sail with my 7mē NCX and 8,5mē Overdrive. But I can't choose between the Isonic 121 or Futura 133.

I would choose the Futura because it is familiar to me but maybe I can make more progression on the Isonic.
I always bought a board which needed extra practice to be able to surf with to keep progression visible. Would the step from 101L Futura to 121L Isonic be to big?

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