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Hi Agrelon and others..

The testicle theory is true. I knew a girl once who..... okay back to the subject ;-)

I hit 30.9 knots on my iSonic 122 in chop and gusts around 25 knots.
The sail was - hold on- a 5.75 five batten no cam wave sail (Tushingham Storm - excellent toy). I used the 40 cm Drake fin.
This type and size of sail is considered hopeless for the iSonic 122, but I hit my best speed ever on the board with it. My old S-type 115 was a knot faster though with the same sail.
I have a Tushingham Lightning twincam race sail which is very quick too, but I haven't hit 30 knots with this yet.

In ideal flat water conditions with constant heavy winds the board can be even faster.
Anyway 30 knots is a lot of speed. It feels a lot faster than 25 knots. Especially in harsh chop.

The iSonics are extremely capable boards. But the Futuras should all be able to do +30 knots too.

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