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Mine arrived this afternoon. Planing on a Freeformula early on, then onto a Carve 133 when the wind picked up. By the time the Serenity had arrived the wind had dropped a little, maybe 8-10 knots out in the bay.
On the way out to the wind (with an 8 metre Gator sail), she sliced through the water beautifully and felt fast for the conditions. Once we hit the wind, she rose up out of the water and was very sprightly. Caught me out once when she railed up on the windward side too far and threw me off.
Tacking was OK but slow, have not tried to gybe yet.
A very different experience, great fun and quite challenging. I am sure it will be ideal for the many many days that we get where is is almost. but not quite strong enough, to plane on a conventional board.
Oh, and the word version looks absolutely gorgeous!
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