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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Dont fancy paying board hire for a month !!! (800 ish)

Pretty sure if I`ve got 5,5.7,6.4 and a 7 and a board that works with each (fairly well) I should get enough sailing ???(taking 109 litres ?)

Its costing 230 to get kit there;store it for month;transfering it (and me) to and from airport/hotel and rescue for duration.And I`m on my own kit (100% C masts and carbon boom) and its insured. !!

I`ve hired in past (lots of times) and you normally end up enjoying sailing on one particular board and with what I save I can buy a couple of new sails when I get homew !!!

Each to his own !!!
I was talking about One week or 10 days.
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