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Default NP RS:Racing <-> NP RS:Slalom MKIII


Last week I was on my NP RS:Racing 6.7 (2007) with the IS101 and my friend on his new NP RS:Slalom MKIII 7.0 (2010) with the Fanatic Falcon. Wind 15-20 knots. Spot on.

My friend could't keep up with me. I was way faster. So I asked him to use his gear for a while and find out where exactly was the difference.

The Falcon board felt good, but the MKIII was really far inferior. It was very nervous and uncontrollable in the gusts. Because the sail was quite well downhauled, we started tuning with the outhaul. That didn't change much.
The MKIII was rigged with the NP X6 mast.
I used in my RS:racing a tribord mast, which I find delivering excellent performance.

Althouh my RS:Racing is 3 years old, it has so much more power and control c/w the brand new MKIII of this year.

Does anyone have the same experience ?

I would be very reluctant to buy a MKIII, knowing what I know now.
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