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I guess you are not a formula fan. Fine with me, but I like to go fast on ALL points of sail in 10-15 knot winds and a formula board meets my needs for light wind free sailing.

My point was that there are many boards that are designed as no-compromise boards for a specific type of sailing. They are simply the best at what they do.

Formula - upwind and downwind speed in over 10 knots
wave boards - You name it, they do it on a wave.
speed boards - top speeds
slalom boards - speed, jibing, acceleration
freestyle boards - jumps and tricks
longboards or Div II type boards - light wind speed in less than 10 knots

Then you have race boards (hybrids) that can't beat anything above at their game. They don't excel at anything, but do many things pretty well.

We all have our needs and desires, mostly based upon where we sail. Raceboards have their fans, but I am not one of them at the moment. One day I may change my mind.
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