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Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
Yes, a very nice performance of Erik Loots indeed.
Mirror flat shallow water on "The Brace", a famous speed spot in Holland.
It seems that the MKIII has a lot of top end speed in this conditions.

But still, I know what I felt.
The RS:Racing is far more controllable in heavy gusts combined with chop.
It's the better slalom sail according to me.
There's also a whole lot of difference in jibing c/w the more nervous MKIII.
I not defending the MKIII sail specifically; however, if you look at Erik Loots comments he specifically points out how much he likes the sail etc. He doesn't mention the board, so I'm assuming that he's attributing his improved speeds to the sail. Where I live the MKIII costs about 45% less than the RS:Racing - that's a significant amount and one shouldn't expect the same performance. This is really an unfair comparison - it is like comparing a $1,500 free race board to a $2,500 Isonic and then exclaiming in surprise that the free race board doesn't perform as well (and then someone like Erik Loots comes along and has the audacity to get 40+ knots out of the free race board)! I have never sailed an RS:Racing sail (no doubt it is one of the best out there and one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive) but do own one MKIII (8.6) which I like. I also own 5 Sailworks NX full on race sails and a couple Gaasta Vapours. I feel it is important to put this discussion in context. The MKIII is really a detuned race sail like Gaastra's GTX and perhaps a comparison with other "second tier" racing sails would be more appropriate - like comparing apples to apples rather than to oranges.


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