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I have used the Hyper, I have seen the light... unfortunately it was in gusty (to put it lightly) conditions, going from 2-45 knots every 20 seconds. But, in those 20 second bursts of wind I can report I found it easy to control, it pointed very high when asked, and any chop just seemed to melt away as I hit it. Top speeds were impressive the few times I managed to get my back foot in the straps before either the wind stopped or my heel clipped the water and sent me into a catastrophic failure of geometric orientation (crash).

Great news, it came unexpectedly with an awesome board bag and a mast base and extension. US$250 all up.

Question to all you good guys out there: Should I move my back straps one setting further inboard? I have massive size 13 feet (perfectly in proportion with the rest of me... settle down ladies...) and wear booties. I managed ok, but usually only by putting the back foot in first. Otherwise my heel would drag in the water to disastrous effect if it happened when I was already planing...
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