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Default Rio S without daggerboard similar to Go ??

Hello again,
I got a Rio S Sport board this summer and I've been on the water 6 times with it. It's mainly light (but gusty) winds on the lake, so my sails are 6,5 and 8,0 Severne NCX. The footstraps are now in the mid position, even though I use only the front strap (not enough courage to use the back one...). I'm learning to use the harness, not really planing yet.

So here's the question: does Rio S behave like Go when I'm not using the daggerboard? I mean, if I practise with Rio to go upwind with no daggerboard, am I able to do it with a board like Go too? I have a 48 cm fin (the red one which comes with Futura). I really like my Rio, it will stay in our family as a light wind board. I'm just dreaming that this summer I'd able to plane with Rio and next summer I could have a bit earlier planing board. Would Go make me happy then? (hopefully my weight is around 60 kg next summer too)

Have a nice summer and thanks for all the great answers and tips you share here!
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