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I couldn't resist commenting on the weight thing. About 2 1/2 years ago I was up at about 88kg, but currently I'm weighing in around 70kg. Despite the significant variance, things really aren't that all that different for me now. I still pretty much use the same sail sizes for the conditions, but I should point out that I've always preferred using somewhat larger sails than many. The thing I do notice though is that I can get away with a little less board volume when the conditions are up and down

However, in the real world, I do realize that the real big guys over 100kg really do have to size everything up, particularly board volume, otherwise they're suffering big time if the wind lightens. Given a focus on wave sailing, especially in the best conditions where lighter wind usually offers the cleanest shape, I think bigger guys need to target a bit more board volume to get the most versatility. This becomes even more important in onshore type conditions where getting out makes things a bit tougher. The good thing about many of todays wave boards is that the manufacturers are now making real wave boards that offer sufficient volume for bigger sailors.

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