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Originally Posted by PeterCee View Post
You're wrong about the 7.5 infinity - it has as gutsy a bottom end as any other twin cam around.

On the ezzy skinny it is perfect and has a lovely light and powerful feel with easy handling.

Perfect for the isonic 111.
I would just like to second what PeterCee said.

I have had a full set of Ezzy Infinity sails since 2006. The 7.5, on an Ezzy skinny mast, and my Futura 111 is my light wind rig [ at 65 kg ]. In the often light winds here in the Eastern Caribbean the 7.5 has had the most use. Actually I have completely worn out the first one and now have a new one.
I don't really know how to describe it myself other then to aggree with PeterCee, "Light and powerful with easy handling"
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