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So far I used this board with following sails :

North Ram F9 6.3 (with Drake 32 fin)
North Duke 5.4 (with Select SL7 29 fin) (in the video with 20-25 knots of wind)
North Duke 4.5 (with Select SL7 29 fin)

Best fit is 6.3, but much to my surprise the board feels perfectly fine with the two other sails. I used it notably with 4.5 one day where wind was 35 knots, but weaker close to the beach, therefore it was difficult to start with my smaller boards.

The board and sails are for me still new, not yet correctly tuned, though improving. On the video, longitudinal stability is insufficient due to not yet correct mast foot position.

However, the impression I have so far is that it does exactly what it says it does, i.e. you go fast and easy, with great versatility, like you had both a slalom and a wave board.

Very easy and pleasant in jibes notably, though my technique, after many years during which I almost did not sail any more, needs much work.

Also, I am in love with the aspect of these boards in their wood version.

I also have a Futura 122 wood 2009, and am fully satisfied with both.

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