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Thanks for the answer.

I don't think my skills are good enough for Futura next summer but it was nice to hear that I can skip Go and keep practising with Rio. My Rio S is year 2010 Sport-version.

I have "used" the rear straps so that I push my toes against the side of the strap. Just a stupid feeling that if I ever push my foot in the strap, I'm not able to get it out quick enough when needed So I guess it's a quite long way with my Rio before I need another board

I was already told to get the footstraps to the "advanced" position but I feel everything but advanced so I guess the mid position is ok at the moment. Well, sometimes it feels like I should be further back because of the harness lines.

But thanks for the good news, my sponcor is very happy to hear that Rio keeps me busy for a while. A larger fin will be the next thing on the shopping list
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