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Default Starboard Phantom Race 320 2009 and 2010


I have two Phantom 320, one 2009, one 2010.

I realized recently that both were absorbing water by the same way : the holes made in the deck to fix the daggerboard. I tested that this afternoon, filled all holes on the deck with water. After a moment, the footstraps insert holes still contained water, but the daggerboard holes were all empty. Also, salt traces appeared around certain of them.

This quickly made my brand new 320 2010 completely unusable, as it reached 23 kilos. I put both boards to dry in my garage after un-mounting their daggerboards, and can just hope that their weight is going to come down ...

Please signal this critical issue to Cobra for future models. I will try to apply more power to the daggerboard screws to limit water absorption.

This is not normal, we should not encounter such an issue, please fix it.

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