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thanks farlo, yep, I have a 205litre Bic Techno

But I don't hardly use it anymore, my biggest board is my 121l carve. But I think maybe I use it when a smaller board would be faster, or more in control. When I do trust the wind to be strong enough I get out my little 80litre wave board and it's fantastic.

I guess I was also referring to something I saw in UK WS mag: Some pro was saying the most common mistake he saw was the big board/small sail combo.

The other comments are interesting and useful too. For example, I always just put my mastbase in the track in some random position. If I do happen to think about it I shove it forward for no particular reason. I will pay more attention from now on. The point is to get the board just skimming on its tail without getting too loose, correct?
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