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well, turns out i can't move the rear footstraps inboard, there are no screw holes.

But I had a great session yesterday anyway. I just have to get the back foot in first before the speed gets too high.

But all you HS fans out there, I have some dire news: Yesterday's session was in outstanding conditions. Smooth, strong (perfectly to slightly over powered on my 5.9m sail) wind. I started on the Carve 121 to assess the wind, then got the Hyper out of the van. The Carve had been flying at good speed (about 31knots) so I was hoping for something special once I got on the Hyper. Unfortunately I couldn't seem to make it scream. I had a few crashes but that was expected, getting used to the new board. It went fast, and smooth, and high, but even on my good runs it didn't seem to really fly. After half an hour I got back on the Carve for a comparison and it was instantly obvious I was going about 4 knots faster, and with better control.

I will not blame the Hyper for this, as it is surely a faster board, or people would have been winning slalom events on carves back then.

So what do people think caused my slowness? Unfamiliarity? Not enough volume for such a big lump of meat like me? The fin? (my carve has a beautiful 42cm c3 venom, the HS has 30cm dodgy looking drake fin that looks like the tip has been chopped off square, although I believe they came like this with the hypers...)
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