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Hi Floyd, for over twenty years I've heard sailors insisting the wind is not as steady as it used to be. Even in South of France or places like Tarifa you ear this from time to time. Is it because the trees around their spot have grown, or new buildings have emerged, or the general skill level has improved? It doesn't seem to be related to wind farms. For sure a certain amount of energy is taken out but will there be a sensible effect at ground level two miles away? I doubt. Offshore wind tends to reaccelerate and stabilize a few hundred meters from the beach, unless there are mountains around.
or kit is more affected by unsteady wind.
20 years ago tops of sails had more drive and power and they were biased more towards the bottom of their wind range
today tops of sails have relatively little drive and power and the sails are biased towards the top of their wind range.
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