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Default Separation between turbines in farms

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
My guess would be there is virtually no effect.
Look at the separation between the wind turbines in the wind field.
At what one of those units cost, I'm pretty sure that they place them so
the upwind turbine does not negatively effect any turbines downwind.
So, the distance between them is probably greater than some calculated or
actually physically tested distance at which the upwind turbine affects the
efficiency and output of the downwind turbines.
There are several reasons that wind turbines are placed pretty close:

1) Infrastructure: The expenses to the power cable to "Rødsand II" is approx. 300 million dKr (50 million dollars). If the wind turbines were dispersed further, the expenses would be higher. Wind turbine service are another example of expenses that would go up, and you will also need infrastructure at land

2) The right bottom structure, (low) water depth

3) Aesthetics

Peter R
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