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Exclamation vent screw rubber ring on iS 121 WC 2010 breaking after 1-2 uses

Hi All,

just a short notice of what happened to me: used my 2nd new iS 121 WC 2009 and saw that the rubber ring fell apart on 3rd use. Replaced it and saw that after 1 use with new ruber the rubber was fallig apart again. Since this is my second iS 121 WC in a couple of weeks and my first was exchanged due to tons of water "in" the board leaking out of the vent I would recommend all owners to check theirs for similar damage (and sb to look into this, I wouldn't expect the rubber ring to break/wear down so soon). I don't know why this is happening (I have 4 other boards, 3 sbs with no problems what so ever). <- no rant, just serious warning.
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