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I had RSR's in a 6.7 and 5.8 and used these on X6 masts, not ideal I know, but in Aus the X9's are just so expensive. I have changed to RSS MK III's - 6.2 and 7 again on X6's. Initially I thought the control was slightly less on a square reach, but every time I use these sails I like them more and more. Control is fine for me, as for speed, cant comment yet as I hav'nt had the best conditions yet. One of our better GPS sailors did 40 knts + last month here on a 6.2 RS MK III. The tack strap is very important and you have to tune them different. For me they are the best sail for me at the mo and suite me fine. If you've got money to burn, yeah go RSR and X9's

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