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Question Sails (mē) for Flare (98l) or Kode (86l)

Hi folks,

I would like to invest on a new 2009/10 sail (Xover) like NP Firefly for instance, but I do not know the size I should take for sailing a Kode (86l) or a Flare (98l) on fresh or salted water with about 15/17 knots.

I am aware that there is a lot of relation between the board (volume, surface in contact with water...etc) but also the sail (surface, power...), the wind (velocity or force) and if you ride on fresh/salted water...but I do not want to go deep in this

I would like you to give me some concrete exemples about which sail (mē and brand) you use with a similar boards, weight and wind as descibed...I am 175cm for 74/75kg and ride on fresh/salted water. So far, I havn't sorted out which board I will use (next problem for me ) but let assume it is a flare 98l or Kode 88l.

Thanks guys.


PS: I know that this info (or a guess) is on NP website, but nothing deals about the board they used for making this table.
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