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I have 2010 Flare 106 and 98 and I'm getting a 2011 kode 86 replace my kode 94 in the 2011 shipments. I also sail NP Fireflys and combats. I'm 80kgs and sail in salt water.

I find the Flare 98 works well with a 5.7m down to a 4.7m on flat water. A 5.3m or 4.9m firefly is perfect with this board. Next season I will use the flare 98 for light wind bump and jump with the 5.7m and 5.3m fireflys and step down to the kode 86 with a 5m combat.

The fireflys are great sails. I like the 2009 model over the 2010 for feel, but the 2010 is some what stronger. I'm upgrading my to the 2011 in the first shipment as the new ones look great.

The new flares look even better. A 2011 flare with a green/yellow firefly would look the part on the water.
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