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For the Flare 98 using a deep profile on the 5.7m firefly (SDM mast) I can get going in about 15knots with little pumping and sailing broad to get planing. The Kode 86 I have not tried, but i would guess closer to 20knots. The flares thick tail helps in bottom end planing.
At my home beach on cross shore days the wind is a bit up and down or gusty. This is why I went the Flare to help with the lower drops in the wind to keep me planing and for old school short board tricks. I to sail Futura 93 and 111 for slalom.
The kodes I use more for bump and jump when the wind is a bit stronger and steady.

If you wanted something in between a freestlye and bump and jump board go for the Kode 94 with number of different of fins.
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