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an isonic 86 definately seems like a nice board to get. i had a go on some french guys RRD x-fire 80 which is a 54cm wide slalom/speed crossover with a 6.7 neilpryde RS(4-cam). As soon as i got on the plane i noticed just how quickly the board accelerates and the incredible top end speed the thing could get. but what surprised me so much was the fact that the RRD and my futura 93 had very similar bottom end performance, despite the futura being aroun 5 cm wider than the RRD. the RRD just seemed to be so much more controlled through the chop and feel so light.
if the isonic 86 has the same qaulitys as rhe RRD x-fire then i might have a proper consider whether this is the dream board!!!!!!!!!!!!!
btw i have a 6.7 and 7.5 overdrive and may possibly be getting a 6.0
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