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Hello MC
Where (in what position? i,e, forward set , middle set, or rear set) do you have the footstraps on your
Rio S?
How high is your boom..... shoulders, chin, nose.... higher?
How far apart are the attachment points for your harness lines (in inches or cm)
Unless you have your boom super high; or the line attachment points spread way out at a foot or more;
or your boom super high (up around your nose) I do not understand why you would need the super long'harness lines.
Unless, you are trying to hook in before you rake your sail back.
You should be able to set your boom height and attachment points so that you can sail hooked in, even up by the mast, like on a longboard.
Then as a gust comes along, you would simply move back on the board to reach your footstraps.
If you have your footstraps all the way back (like in the photo at the bottom of the page on this website under products/Rio........ here's the link:
(note, the photo with the girl at the top of the page has the footstraps in the forward position, but all 3
Rio's in the photo at the bottom of the page have the footstraps in the rear (high performance) positions).
then you cannot be in the footstraps (all the way back in the performance position) until your board is fully planing.
If you have them more forward, you could get in them sooner, but you would never get full performance from the Rio S and your NCX 8.0.
So, keep working on it.
Give me some answers to the questions above, and I'm sure we can give you some tips to get you up to full performance sooner.
Oh, and how much variation between the windspeed and the windspeed in the gusts?
Hope this helps,
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