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Thanks for your quick reply :-)
I guess boom height etc. are correct (I'm happy to have advisors on the beach). Foot straps are in the middle set, all the wise men on the beach tell me to get them all the way back, it's just that the manual says it's the "advanced" position and I feel everything but advanced...

So what you suggest is that I should hook in right away? Not to wait for planing? I must have looked so terrified of catapults that I was told to put my mast foot to strap first and then hook in. And it's quite difficult for me to hook in when I already have my maximum speed.

The variation between the lowest windspeed and the gusts may be something like 7 knots to 14 knots. Or from 5 to 10... Sometimes I could swim faster than what I sail and in a few seconds getting the board planing (for 8 seconds). Ideal conditions, aren't they :-)

It's actually easier for me to speed up without harness, it's just I can't hold the rig long enough without harness. I must have better stance when not hooked in. But I've managed to get a taste of good steady planing using the harness and I know it was thanks to the harness. Today I used my 6,5 NCX but I guess there was not enough wind, the board was turning to wind even though I tried to push the rig forward and turn the board more downwind with my feet. Or maybe I'm too scared of flying forward and leaning too much back (towards the tail) instead of out. Or maybe I'm too back on the board too early (panicing my foot in to the strap).

Does this make any sense? I guess I've made my share of stupid questions on the beach and the guys will run away next time I see them :-) You feel like joining them?
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