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Just re-gluing pads down here too.

What you want – for board foot pads or boom – is a decent contact adhesive, and one that is not water-based.
So it should be smelly with heady solvents when you open the tin. Enjoy.

First wash the area with fresh water and allow to dry thoroughly.
Then abraid with sandpaper – to key up the surfaces to be glued.
You could first try and remove excess old glue with solvent-based thinners – as in, the nail varnish remover one, not white spirit as we call it in the UK.

Then apply contact adhesive to both surfaces. Let it dry for fifteen minutes (or touch dry). Then press both surfaces together. If the boom grip has stretched you can cut excess off or else sand away later.

Leave glued item for 24hrs to achieve maximum bond strength before using. Ideally.
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