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HI basher
well, basic difference in hull shapes would be the smoother outline pintail on the quad's as opposed to the hipped outline of the evo.
Basic theme of bottom configuration is similar between the two with forward V leading into monoconcave tail. Except on the evo 71 which was a monoconcave tail to V. (was the black sheep of the family that just worked insano)
Ultimately the different outlines are suiting the different fin configurations.
The quad fin system combines with the smooth pintail outline and relatively high rocker, to provide a lot of lift for planing and drive through a turn.
The twin fin as a option for this board is more for down the line conditions.(Generally)
Which is why there's an onshore option in the quad set up with large fins forward.

The evo with it's more parallel outline with a hip can create a bit more drive from the hull , and could be the better all round twin fin option.
Along with being the traditional sail off of the fin type blasting around sailing as a single fin.

Basically both shapes offer a large variation of sensations for rider skill levels and conditions.

You could possibly point more novice sailors or people sailing in less than perfect conditions towards the evo as a single fin, but you can't pigeon hole the board into that category, as they totally rip in down the line conditions as well, especialy when in it's twin mode as it really loosens up.

Just like the quad goes good ion the onshorey beach break stuff too.

The kode is still the fastest sensation of the lot with it's flatter rocker for people that want to blast, but as Kev proved in cabo verde, a shape that definitely rips in down the line conditions too.

Hope this helps??
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