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Ray Timm
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I've been sailing a Quad 77 for the past week in mostly onshore winds. I've switched between the different fin positions frequently to see what the discernible differences are. Having never sailed a twin fin before I was a bit surprised at how loose the board was with that setup. The board with twin fins is really easy to pump onto plane and it has a floaty feel when you're sailing. The turns and jibes are so quick it took me some time before I got used to how little rail pressure was needed to initiate turns or gybes. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went upwind; I had no problem staying upwind as long as I was well powered up. I think it will be my favorite setup for high wind and rough water conditions since the board floats over the chop so well especially when going deep downwind fully powered up. I also liked how this setup jumped for me; the board already feels like it in the air before the actual takeoff.

With the fins set up for onshore with the larger fin in the forward position, the board is really glued to the water, feeling like it is on rails; more so than my Quad 76-10 model, but I have to sail both back-to-back to really know if that is the case. Definitely the gybes are quite drawn out unless one really drives and pressures the rail. Coming from the twin fin setup to the onshore one, I had to purposely think about gybing to get the pressure to the rails; however, once you do you can really be aggressive with the turn. In a little way it reminds me of my old gray colored Acids where one seemed to really feel connected to the rail on bottom turns and gybes.

In the sideshore mode, I pretty much agree with the description of the ride by the pro riders. Grippy, but at the same time looser on the bottom turns and the gybes.

I also have the Quad 82. Seems a tad smoother in rough water, but I haven't sailed both of them in exactly the same conditions to totally confirm if it is really the case. Otherwise, the above pretty much applies to it too.

All in all I really like the possibilities offered by the various setups.

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