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I sailed my iSonic 50 today for the first time in 18-24 knots with a TR-2 5.9. My last experience with a speed board was back in the late 80s when I had a chance to try a couple of the boards Pascal M and Fred H used when they were trying to break the world speed records. I didn't have a much luck getting them up to speed.

Although I'm now a much better sailor now than I was, I still was a bit reluctant about getting such a small specialized board.

My general impression of the iSonic:

Easy to get on plane for my 82 kgs. Just keep the nose off the wind and a little pump and you're away.

Very, very smooth through the chop.

No problem getting upwind to my starting point after a broad reach. Using the 26 cm fin I was nearly matching the upwind legs of my Sonic 100. Feels very balanced on all points of sail.

Gybes like a dream. Was a little nervous going into the first one since there was some 1' chop, but it slices through it like a knife through butter.

All in all I don't have any negative comments about it other than it is so smooth at speed that you think you're not going as fast as you are. Before you know it the shoreline is coming up at you a lot quicker than expected.

If you have any relatively flat water and want to go really fast, I'd recommend it to anyone who has some experience sailing small boards. It is a blast.
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