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Default Ultimate Light Wind Board Recommendations?

Looking for the ultimate light wind board to plane effortlessly in 7 to 10 knots in flat water bay with Ezzy 8.5 Freeride no cam sail. I am 5'2", 120lbs. Proficient jiber.

Currently sailing Hypersonic 125 with Drake 44cm fin with Ezzy 8.5 and doing fine, but would like to get up on a plane earlier without much pumping and would like to glide through the rulls more. This will be a dedicated lightwind flat water board for blasting and jibing with maximum speed.

I have been recommended iSonic 121 & 131 wood and wood carbon, Futura of simillar sizes and also JP Supersport 135.

For my small physique, narrower strap placement options work the best .

Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated!


My Toys: SB Hypersonic 125, JP Freestyle Wave 84, Ezzy Infinity 7.8, Ezzy Freeride 6.5, 5.5, Ezzy Wave SE 4.7.
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