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Default Futura 111 or Kode 112(3)?

Hi Team,
Hi All,

I'm about to buy another board, just trying to decide...

weight: ~ 80-82kg
wind range: 14-22 kts
water: 0.5-1.5 waves / chop / random waves (lots of boats)

I have enough boards for less and more wind so please consider only the above parameters

The descision boils down to:
will the K112/3 be fast enough with a 6.8/7.5 in the 14-18kts range to catch air (I guess the FU111 would)?
is the FU113 designed to bump around (survive it in 14-22 kts with 0.5-15m waves) (I guess the K112 has no problem here)?

Thanks for any input
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