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Longboards have their place, but not everyone is content with "just cruising". I weigh 77 kg (168 lbs), have a Starboard F 160 and sails up to 11.0. I don't go out on the 5-10 knot days since the true wind is 0 to 10, with little hope of planing for more than 20% of the time. I love longboards, but only for racing. Just not enough adrenalin cruising in 2-8 knots. The hybrids have their place, but if you aren't racing, I doubt you would enjoy one. For the most part, they are too heavy to offer great performance in any wind. Longboards kick their butt in light winds and formula will do the same in moderate to strong winds.

However, in North Texas where I live, summers occasionally give us 8-17 knot days which are a kick on the formula gear. There are several days at 8-13 knots (actual 2-13) where I can plane maybe 60% of the time, but nothing too exciting.

I love the formula gear when only few show up at the lake and are slogging around on their big free ride gear hoping for a gust of wind and I go blasting by. When the wind is around 11-12 knots, I can double that speed on the formula board. If I can plane, I can easily get over 20 knots of board speed in the puffs.
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